Acknowledging LEAP Support in Publications 
All papers supported in full or in part by LEAP should acknowledge LEAP funding in the Acknowledgements section as follows:
  • “We acknowledge funding from NSF through the Learning the Earth with Artificial intelligence and Physics (LEAP) Science and Technology Center (STC) (Award #2019625).”

Research Membership Structure

LEAP’s Executive Committee is pleased to share the following Research Membership Structure:  

  • TIER 1 MEMBERSHIP is open to anyone who wants to attend research seminars, signs up to receive LEAP’s announcements (mailing list), and wants access to public computing resources or datasets hosted on LEAP-Pangeo.
  • TIER 2 MEMBERSHIP is based on an application sent to LEAP’s Convergence Subcommittee. Applicants are actively involved in LEAP-related research (but are not funded by LEAP), have swipe access at the Innovation Hub (for Columbia affiliates), and have access to computing resources and storage on LEAP-Pangeo. Tier 2 Members can also apply to attend LEAP’s Annual Meeting and participate in focus groups.
  • TIER 3 MEMBERSHIP is for those who are supported by LEAP funding as a Request for Proposal (RFP) PI, Co-Pi, researcher, student, or postdoc. Tier 3 Members are required to attend LEAP’s Annual Meeting.
In all cases, LEAP’s Executive Committee can make exceptions to these definitions for specific individuals.

Innovation Hub Space Use Policy

LEAP’s Executive Committee is pleased to share the Innovation Hub Space Use Policy portion of our Operations Manual.

As no written policy can cover all situations, we expect that questions will arise.
Please contact LEAP’s Managing Director, Molly Lopez, with any questions or concerns.

Support LEAP

Help support our grand challenge to develop the next generation of climate model and climate projection for tailored adaptation.
Please contact Molly Lopez, Managing Director of LEAP, to start the conversation.