Certificate + Fellowship Program


LEAP will launch a Certificate in Climate Data Science program. The certificate requires four courses, with Climate and Big Data (or equivalent core literacies in climate and data sciences) as prerequisites:

  • a cross-disciplinary elective
    • a data science elective for a climate science student; e.g., Humans and the Carbon Cycle (DEES GU4020).
    • a climate science elective for a data science student; e.g., Statistical Machine Learning (STAT GR5241).
  • Climate Prediction Challenges (under development; see LEAP Curriculum for description.)
  • LEAP Seminars: LEAP-Sem1 and LEAP-Sem2 (under development; see LEAP Curriculum for description.)

A limited number of LEAP fellowships (summer or year-long) will be available for students who will participate in the Certificate Program.

Summer Fellows