LEAP’s education programs foster convergence of climate science and data science, and vertical integration of research and education, forge a learning community including K-12 teachers, undergraduate, graduate, postdoc, faculty and other stakeholders, and promote a shared mission of societal impact, a collaborative culture, peer learning and mentoring, and the responsible / ethical use of data.

Our curriculum is tightly connected with our research and provides multiple entryways into Climate Data Science to both undergraduate and graduates students from climate and data science backgrounds. LEAP offers immersive and inclusive research experience programs to undergraduates and K-12 teachers. Jointly with LEAP’s DEI efforts, our education programs strive to broaden and diversify the talent pipelines into Climate Science and Data Science.

LEAP’s education and outreach programs allow LEAP researchers to amplify their research’s societal impact by engaging in activities such as mentoring, communication, translation, human-centered design, curriculum development, and evaluation and assessment.