Community Engagement


LEAP’s knowledge transfer initiative grows out of and bolsters its commitments to broadening participation. LEAP’s knowledge transfer program sets forth three objectives:

  • (1) Establish a bidirectional dialogue between academia and stakeholders;
  • (2) Innovate storytelling, visualization, and social media for broad stakeholder engagement; and
  • (3) Make all LEAP outputs (e.g., data and code) open-source and broadly accessible.
Broadening Participation

Bidirectional Knowledge Transfer

Communications Programming and Partnerships: LEAP will develop a two-way engagement strategy between academia and stakeholders to provide public, corporate, and policy audiences access to ML-informed climate projections, and to train external audiences in navigating climate data science. LEAP will provide a variety in content and format of knowledge outputs to ensure relevance for a broad range of public and corporate audiences.

Applied Management Research: LEAP will integrate not just knowledge transfer, but also knowledge generation, with respect to the implications of climate change and climate projections for public and private audiences. LEAP will conduct applied management research whose findings will inform causally-supported best practices for firms and organizations to communicate climate information to stakeholders.

Storytelling + Social Media Innovation

To innovate storytelling, visualization, and social media for broad stakeholder intake, LEAP will launch several initiatives including a “Storytellers in Residence” program, “Translate-a-Thons,” public lectures, and a monthly newsletter. LEAP will also create, organize, translate, and disseminate research findings to aid public servants, community organizations, and corporations in adapting and innovating in response to climate change.