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Driven by a collaboration between Columbia University, NYU, University of California Irvine, Teachers College, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, NCAR, NASA-GISS, and CarbonPlan, LEAP works with the nation’s top climate research laboratories and major computing organizations to optimally utilize the wealth of data available for climate modeling in order to better predict the future.

Through financial contributions, in-kind collaborations, and bidirectional knowledge transfer, our strategic partners provide critical funding to seed, grow, and sustain LEAP, as well as help us understand the climate adaptation needs throughout various fields of the private and public sectors. Strategic partners may connect with the wide array of experts at the LEAP Center – spanning the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, physics, education, climate science, data science, social work, statistics, business, and more – and participate in events such as LEAP’s Annual Meeting, Bootcamps, Lectures in Climate Data Science, and other educational and networking programs.

Together, we can ensure that the broadest range of private and public stakeholders will have access to the tools necessary for informed decision-making on behalf of their communities in the face of climate change.

Impact of Strategic Partnership

Knowledge transfer and DEI are central to LEAP’s research and our overarching commitment to reducing climate risk, particularly where climate vulnerability is greatest. LEAP’s strategic partners are aligned with this commitment, and will be acknowledged on our website for joining us. Together, we will pursue dynamic responses to pressing climate challenges and move innovative, practical solutions into the marketplace and to our communities in an open and equitable fashion. 

Strategic partnership directly impacts our Center’s growth and the expansion of our activities in order to accomplish these goals.
Your engagement with LEAP will help us to:

  • identify valuable industry perspectives, current issues, and prospects for research engagement and community outreach;
  • scale up the number and scope of the Center’s research projects in response to this information;
  • recruit more undergraduate / graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to innovate and lead in the new discipline of Climate Data Science; 
  • present additional Bootcamps and trainings to equip the next generations of climate data scientists, educators, and community leaders + members; and
  • connect with, learn from, and inform a greater breadth of community, non-profit, and governmental organizations.

Become a Strategic Partner

If you are an industry or community organization who would like to financially invest in the growth of our Center and/or contribute  to our work by investing your unique perspective, knowledge, and experience in addressing climate change, we would love to have a conversation with you.

We look forward to learning how LEAP’s research may benefit your work, and sharing how your investment in our Center can best serve our communities.

For more information, please contact Molly Lopez, LEAP’s Managing Director, at

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Help support our grand challenge to develop the next generation of climate model and climate projection for tailored adaptation.
Please contact Molly Lopez, Managing Director of LEAP, to start the conversation.